Our Mission

To be the complete business advisor to clients, we are focused on delivering high-quality accounts receivable management and information service solutions for physicians and providers, with speed and accuracy. We are attuned to the changing healthcare environment and pressures providers face, and are committed to supporting our client’s goals and aspirations for the success of their business.

A Long History

Professional Management, Inc. (PMI) was founded in 1968 and remains a local, family-owned business. Our first contract included CPA accounting services for a group of hospital-based radiologists in Baltimore. Since then, PMI has grown to provide revenue management solutions and physician practice consulting services for providers in the Mid-Atlantic region. Specializing in accounts receivable management, medical billing and collections, insurance coding, physician accounting and benefits management, we provide solutions to healthcare organizations including hospitals and medical facilities, hospital-based practices, primary care and sole practitioners.

With a focus on consistently providing high-quality, professional services, clients appreciate the total partnership PMI provides–and it’s evident in the many relationships that have been with PMI since our inception.

Value in Results

Our goal is to contain and reduce administrative costs for clients, while positioning them for maximum revenue. PMI offers proven cash recovery techniques, expertise in compliance standards, and progressive technology solutions. Our goal is to achieve the best results for our clients, reducing operating costs and helping to lower expenses. PMI is your full-service partner, leveraging technology and healthcare industry management expertise for optimum medical billing and collections, reimbursement, physician accounting and financial management, personnel and strategic management needs.