PMI Goes Live with Enhanced Analytics and Mobile Capability

PMI has expanded its client analytics and mobile viewing capability. When processing medical claims, there is no shortage of data that can be collected, and we’ve compiled the material into meaningful, useable information.   PMI’s month-to-date dashboard offers all the tools needed for providers to manage their revenue cycle.

Some of the dashboard features include:

  • Real-Time Billing and Collections
  • Targeted Collections with Predictive Analytics
  • Targeted Billings
  • Denials
  • Days in Receivable
  • Average Days to Bill
  • Payment Conversion Factor
  • PQRS/MIPS Comparison to CMS Benchmarks
  • Facility Reporting

PMI’s analytics present a streamlined view of billing information, allowing easy access to data needed for successful practice monitoring and management. Our accounting services are able to assist in interpreting information and deliver support for improved performance. As technology continues to play a key role in the revenue cycle management industry, PMI is committed to providing customized solutions with speed and flexibility.